Artist Statement

European graphic novels and animation were a big part of my childhood world.
Every frame in those wonderful books was a piece of art by itself.
Making a connection between fine art and graphic novels is my goal as an artist

Cities, urban landscapes and architecture are my favorite sketching subjects.
One can say that my art is a comic illustration of locations.
My goal is to bring graphic novel art into the fine art world.

The messier a scene is, the more I’m compelled to draw it.
I love electrical wires, streetlights, garbage cans and signs.
All of them make our streets pulsate with life.

I always make sure that an animal or two will be hidden in my final illustration.
To remind us all that nature is always just around the corner.

My over-all goal as an artist is to unveil an enjoyable and different point of view
to otherwise plain and familiar cityscapes.
So as you look at my art remember:
If you scrape the surface of your towns and take a peek underneath it,
you too will see the fun side of the street.